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Growth of Dominion, a Customs Consulting Story

Founded in 1981, Dominion is a pioneer of the duty recovery industry. With a reputation of working smart and providing cost savings to importers and exporters, we became a trusted name and a valued resource to businesses across North America. As our clients’ needs evolved, they approached us and we expanded our team to offer the support they had come to depend on, in a variety of new areas.

Today, we continue to evolve as our clients needs do, responding to the new challenges they face with inventive, high-value solutions. Whether we are supporting or developing their customs compliance team, optimizing their supply chain,  or delivering cost recoveries and savings for years to come, our goal is to be your resource,  support your team and add the tools to help you flourish.

We welcome the opportunity to help you mitigate today’s risks, and continuously challenge ourselves to be that resource,  which will allow your business to perform at the very highest level.

The Engine Behind Dominion

By partnering with Dominion, your team expands to include a very diverse group of in house professionals. You will be adding creative, meticulous strategic thinkers with invaluable industry experience in areas such as: customs operations and compliance, international transportation, supply chain operations, global sourcing, project management, merchandising, and marketing.

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The Dominion Approach

The Dominion Philosophy

We believe in a collaborative, innovative approach, designed to protect your brand at all times. Education, Engagement, and Empowerment is the foundation to our approach.


We are passionate about learning and sharing our knowledge with others. 

Members of our team serve as college level educators and sit on advisory boards, helping to design international trade curricula and provide the next generation of International Trade Professionals with the skill set needed to thrive. Our team members will not only execute and deliver but teach your team with clarity, patience, and enthusiasm.


Your gateway to market intelligence.

Our longstanding relationships with a wide variety of government departments and trade associations allow us to provide you with access to market trends, emerging issues, and proposed legislation before they can impact your business. 

We also use these forums to advocate on your behalf, asking your questions and spurring debate at the highest level while protecting your identity. We are able to present  your concerns, questions and insights to the lawmakers and leaders who make a difference


Our goal is to be your resource.

To give you and your team the tools and market intelligence to do business more efficiently, more effectively, and more enjoyably. Giving you the knowledge, guidance, and support to flourish is a central part of what we do and why we love what we do.