Customs Compliance

Customs Compliance Programs

Protecting Your Brand

The dynamic nature of trade legislation can make maintaining customs compliance a challenge in today’s global marketplace.   


To date, Customs Administrations operate a customs compliance program in over 20 countries – with more on the way. The program objective is to perform targeted audits of goods moving across the border. Due to the challenges importers and exporters face in keeping up with unpredictable and complex regulations, many fail to identify potential compliance gaps and are left vulnerable to costly penalties identified by these programs.

In-House Appeals Department

Maintaining and protecting your compliance is a serious matter, that’s why we have a dedicated team that specializes in supporting our client's when they wish to appeal a Customs Administration decision.

We have the resources to help with: 

-appealing a negative ruling decision

-developing arguments and presenting them at the trade tribunal

-disputing a trade verification report and/or non-compliance financial penalty

-reviewing other written direction from the Customs Administration

Targeted Compliance

We understand the challenges associated with maintaining an internal compliance program and can help you protect your business in several different ways. From executing targeted self- assessments to representing you during a customs verification, we design a number of different customs compliance programs tailored to your specific industry requirements. 


These compliance programs will:

· Identify potential compliance gaps and areas needing improvement

· Prioritize gaps into clear categories according to urgency 

· Outline a strategy to address them

Why Customs Compliance?

A strong customs compliance record with a Customs Administration can lead to significant benefits. In terms of your day to day operation, a strong record can reduce examinations and delays at the border. Financially, it can lead to a reduction in non-compliance penalties. 


If you are looking to evaluate your existing Customs Compliance Program, develop a new program, or simply feel that you are not being treated fairly by your Customs Administration, we are here to help.