HS Code

HS Classification Strategies

Redefining Your Product

Is your product packaged for optimum duty savings? 

Has your product literature caused your duty rates and landed costs to increase? 

Sometimes, a book is judged by its cover. 

Thirty-eight years of evaluating products and how governments classify goods has given us keen insights into Customs Administration's HS classification procedures across the globe. One of the most indispensable lessons we’ve learned is that the essential character of a product is often determined by its outward packaging. 

Through diligent research, critical thinking, and exhaustive fact checking, we have been able to build several compelling cases for Customs Administrations to revisit a product's HS code based on changes to the packaging or inserts.  Sometimes, something as simple as a minor tweak in the wording can result in millions of dollars in duty savings and future revenue protection.

A thorough analysis by our team of experts to evaluate the often overlooked aspects of your products can be the difference in securing the most favorable duty rates available for your goods.