CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project

The Customs Border Services Agency's CARM project is a multi-year business transformation initiative to facilitate trade compliance.  In an effort to effectively engage with the Trade Chain Partner (TCP) community, the CBSA created a CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) TCP Working Group.

The CARM TCP Working Group acts as an advisory body to the Vice-President of CARM for the CARM Project.  The mandate is to provide on-going input, recommendations and feedback on the CARM design and implementation and any other activities of relevance to the TCP community.

Dominion is proud to have been invited as a founding member of TCP Working Group and below is a collection of documents that we hope you find of value.


Release 1 Change Impact Documentation

Jan 2020 Release 1 Change Impact Workshops - Importers dont use a Customs Broker Library Copy (pdf)


CSA Importer Consultations

Dec 2019 CARM CSA Sub-Working Group Meeting Library Copy (pdf)


CARM Design Highlights DRAFT (CSA Consultation) March 2019 (pdf)