Duty Recovery

Duty Recovery Programs

Lowering Your Landed Costs with Proven Results

Dominion's non-intrusive, full-circle approach has recovered millions of dollars in overpaid duties for its clients over the past 38 years

A 360 Degree View

We are often asked how we can use the term ‘full circle approach’ when recovering overpaid duties – and it’s a question we love to answer. 

At Dominion, we don’t just analyse your areas of duty payment against the World Customs Organization’s decisions and direction, but against the decisions from multiple Customs Administrations across the globe.  In many cases we will also incorporate results from independently testing your products and dissecting the Tariff Classifications.  This diligence is what allows us to develop comprehensive ruling packages for the government to review with an increased chance of rendering a ruling in your favour.  

We will uncover duty recovery opportunities that put money back into your bottom line and lower your duty rates going forward – all while protecting the integrity of your brand.   

Reporting and Visibility

Our integrated reporting provides you with the visibility and transparency to monitor our progress and ask any questions you wish throughout the entire duty recovery process. 

Paying duties into multiple countries? Not a problem.  You will receive a separate customized report for each country and customs administration included in the duty recovery program.  

From analyzing your trade data to obtaining final government approval, our reporting is fully customized to your requirements and ensures the legislative time limits for filing duty recoveries are protected.

Risk Free, Self Funded Program

Dominion's Duty Recovery Program is risk free and completely self-funded.  We absorb the time and expense that goes into developing your opportunities, analysing your products and preparing your ruling submissions.  In the end, we will only invoice you if we are successful in obtaining government approval for your duty recoveries. 

Simply put – we only get paid if you get paid.